Berlin Stench

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Berlin Stench Cover Art
Berlin Stench Insert
Hand written credits
Name Berlin Stench
Tracks 11
Total length -
Year 1995
Recorded Knaack Club, East Berlin 1995
Writer/composer Jon Toogood, Mark Hamill, Nigel Regan
Art work
Publisher Self Released
Format(s) Tape
Catalogue number(s) No Cat Number
No Cat | EU | No Label | Tape
Release ?? 1996
Chart position -


Limited to 100, Only released on Cassette.

From a forum post in 2001,

"what a debate! it has been with much interest that ive read the posts so far (is it still continuing??). i was referred to this by a friend regarding the comment of 'antangonisim between the bands after hlah released 'berlin stench' and 'jellybag' as their own'. ok well, toms right, kudos to shihad, 'berlin stench' was recorded by both hlah and shihad during their european tour. both bands are credited in the (cassette only) copies except it wasnt released and neither did it say 'hlah', purely 'the berlin stench'. also 'jellybag' which was one of the songs on 'berlin stench' was re-recorded for hlah's 'double yer strength' and was a combined effort between jon and booga mainly. yes it should have been credited unfortunately it wasnt,..." i guess we owe you guys some apra tom, 15$ is in the mail. my thoughts on 'berlin stench' are that im happy it just saw the light of day in the form of about 100 cassettes. it is a total snapshot of 3 weeks above the knaack club in east berlin that when i listen to it now i can still smell the place, hear the music from the three clubs below and remember how hungry we were."

Track List

  1. All The People
  2. Phunky Phill
  3. Bixby Blues K.B.T.B
  4. The Zwanzi (Ended up on HLAHs later release 'Double Your Strength'
  5. Berlin Tang
  6. Tilo Wolf
  7. JellyBag (Ended up on HLAHs later release 'Double Your Strength'
  8. Iceberg
  9. Ham & Cheese
  10. Deamo
  11. The Not Secret Not Hidden Satanic Message