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Jon Toogood Vocals, Guitar
Karl Kippenberger Bass Guitar
Welcome to Shihad Wiki
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Shihad Wiki is the biggest resource of information on the internet for the NZ band Shihad.

This website was started in March 2007 and has steadily grown into a monster of a site.

This site features information on past concerts, their discography, tabs, history and a whole lot more of history revolving around the band.

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  • Shihad to Spring Loaded Festival along side Spiderbait, Eskimo Joe + 5 other bands, Party like its 1998 in Sandstone Point, QLD!
  • Shihad are headlining The Rock NZ's Rock 2000 countdown afterparty on 30 September in Auckland, also playing is Blindspott.
  • Shihad are playing the Sydney/Brisbane dates of the Uncaged Festival in late April.
  • Shihad pull out of Kickdown Festival due to ongoing boarder requirements.
  • Shihad play Homegrown 22 in Wellington & Otautahi Smoke Festival in Christchurch. (both cancelled)
  • Australia Jan/Feb Tour cancelled due to travel restrictions.
  • NZ Tour postponed till Feb 2022.
  • Limited edition vinyl's are delayed until Mid/late November.
  • Old Gods has made it to Number 1 on the NZ charts, making Shihad with the most number one albums from any band in NZ.


Featured Bootleg

Cover Art

Venue Town Hall

Date 2 March 2000

Location Wellington

Country New Zealand

MP3 Download

Flac Download

  1. Interconnector (FLAC Audio)
  2. The General Electric (FLAC Audio)
  3. Wait And See (FLAC Audio)
  4. Thin White Line (FLAC Audio)
  5. Pacifier (FLAC Audio)
  6. My Minds Sedate (FLAC Audio)
  7. Debs Night Out (FLAC Audio)
  8. You Again (FLAC Audio)
  9. Only Time (FLAC Audio)
  10. La La Land (FLAC Audio)
  11. Sport And Religion (FLAC Audio)
  12. Home Again (FLAC Audio)
  13. Gimme Gimme (FLAC Audio)

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