Deb's Night Out (song)

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Name Deb's Night Out
Album/single Killjoy
Length 3.37
Alternative titles None
First live performance  ??
Recorded 1994
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer Malcolm Welsford

Additional Information

A remix of this exists of the Deb's Night Out single, this was remixed by Josh Abraham.

The song described by Jon: "This is about a particular situation. My partner at the time had a friend who was using heroin and was a nice enough girl. But, like what seemed to be the case with every heroin user I've experienced or been around, sooner or later their addiction gets the better of them, their morals go out the window and they start trying pretty much anything, just to get their fix. She came to our house one night. It was pissing down with rain. I think we played a game of Scrabble and I saw her go into our daughter's room and try and steal some money. I turfed her out, and that is basically it. It was sort of a weird mixture of disappointment and the realisation that that is what addiction can do to a person. It can actually rob them of their morals." Rip It Up, Aug-Sep 2010.


Don't tell me where you've been
'cause I know just where you've been
The truths you tell are few and far between
Nodding off in front of me does not provoke my sympathy
You better get yourself a new line
'cause that shit just ain't worth selling

And it goes...

Pain, pain, wash away
It hurts so much to watch you play
Dream, dream, stay with me
Tell me another story

Don't think I'm taken in
I don't think it's turning out the way you planned it
I'm not yours to plan with
And I pray for the rain, maybe
And I pray for the rain -
To wash you far away