It's A Go (song)

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Name It's A Go
Album/single Shihad
Length 3.31 (album version)
Alternative titles
First live performance
Recorded June/July 1996
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer GGGarth

Additional Information

Song meaning as told by Jon: "It's just a get-up-and-go song. That song is inspired from our stops on the way to and from Auckland when we're on tour. We stop at this place called Bully Point in Taupo and it's a song about me standing on this rock that I stand on every fucking time. I sit there and shiver my balls off before I dive into the water, while everyone else has jumped in. It's talking about that feeling, wishing I didn't stand there for ages before diving in, and then realising that it's actually really nice and really good. That's what inspired the song, it's not about that situation particularly, it's an anti-procrastination song, just doing things and going for it". Rip It Up, Oct. 1996


No time like the first time
Guess it's a go
Bite down
Before it all goes up in smoke
When you don't know
How it's gonna feel
When it finally hits all too real
There's no time like the first time
That's no joke

Don't want to talk about it
No need to think about it
Just step on up to the edge
Then move on

Because you get nowhere
With that caution flashing in your head
Toss and turn
It got you wrapped up safely in bed
If you don't know how it's going to feel
You got a life with the truth that's concealed
Take a dive in to unknown
See who floats


It's A Go
Standard Shihad Tuning


Chorus (unsure about last 5 notes)

Then play this for ages until the end of the song