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York Street Studios

Welsford founded and built York Street Recording Studio with Jaz Coleman. York Street quickly became one of New Zealand's leading music recording, mixing and mastering facility. Welsford opened the studio in 1991 to accommodate for the lack of professional studios and the need for his own music orientated facility. Later Welsford took over the old Radio New Zealand studio building on Shortland Street which became Studio Two and housed several other private studios including Tom Bailey's studio.

American Idol

More recently Welsford produced two albums with Adam Lambert, who was the runner up for the 2009 American Idol series. Welsford is the producer of Take One Adam Lambert's current release with Rufftown Records or Welsford also produced several un-released tracks which Adam Lambert penned with Guitarist Monte Pittman.

Welsford has also contributed to the success of many international and young artists alike such as ZED, Garageland, Pacifier, Shihad, Bike, The Feelers, Supergroove, The Headless Chickens, The D4, Indicator Dogs, Eight, PanAm, Neil and Tim Finn, Bic Runga, London Symphony Orchestra and many others.

Credits include albums for Adam Lambert, Shihad, Supergroove, The Feelers, Breathe, Garageland, Tadpole, Bike, Eight, Stellar*, Neil Finn, Tim Finn, The Headless Chickens, Emma Paki, The D4, ZED, and Under the Influence - 21 Years of Flying Nun Records.

Welsford currently resides in Hollywood, California where he continues to develop new talent.

Selected discography

   * ADAM LAMBERT - Take One (song writing, development, production, mixing) Adam Lambert has now distanced himself from this release.
   * NEIL FINN - One Nil (Capitol) (Multi-Platinum[citation needed])Neil Finn
   * TIM FINN - Feeding the Gods (Gold[citation needed])
   * SHIHAD/PACIFIER (BMG/Polygram/Warners Churn, Killjoy, Shihad/Shihad, Pacifier Live. 2x Platinum[citation needed])
   * TADPOLE ( EMI-Buddafinger Album, 3x Platinum[citation needed])
   * RUNGA/DOBBYN/FINN (Together in Concert–Sony 4x Platinum[citation needed])
   * THE FEELERS – Warner Music , Supersystem (No.1 selling album for over 59 weeks, 5x Platinum[citation needed])
   * SUPERGROOVE (BMG, Traction – No.1 selling album, 6x Platinum[citation needed])
   * THE HEADLESS CHICKENS (Mushroom George – No.1 selling single Gold[citation needed]), ZED (Title track: “The Hot Chick” Soundtrack - Touchstone Pictures)
   * The D4 (Get Loose. Top UK single[citation needed])
   * LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (Rolling Stones Symphonic Album)


“The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences is also known as the Recording Academy concur that Mr. Welsford's accomplishments are widely recognized within the United States and abroad. Since 1994 he has been the recipient of eight Grammy recognized awards as well as three gold album awards, five platinum album award and four multi-platinum album awards”.[citation needed]

   * 2000 Music awards – nominated best Engineer and best Producer 3 times.[citation needed]
   * 1999 Top NZ selling album by a NZ artist.[citation needed]
   * 1998 Top NZ selling album.[citation needed]
   * Awarded Producer of the Year at the 1998 New Zealand Music Awards - Pressure Man (The Feelers).
   * Awarded Producer of the Year at the 1997 New Zealand Music Awards Backspacer (Supergroove). Award shared with Karl Steven
   * Awarded Producer and Engineer of the Year at the 1995 New Zealand Music Awards Traction (Supergroove). Producer award was shared with co-producer, Karl Steven
   * Awarded Engineer of the Year, 1994 New Zealand Music Awards Churn (Shihad) 1994.
   * US Billboard Visionary Award for Outstanding Producer/Engineer[citation needed]

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