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A documentary is being made about Shihad. It currently slated for a cinema release in New Zealand late 2011 or early 2012. It is being funded in part with NZ on Air and NZ Film Commission grants with funding from other parties as well. It is a documentary with some live footage spliced in but its first goal is for it to be a documentary rather than an a live DVD. (If you want to see Shihad live go and see them live, a DVD can never do them full justice.) The production team are planning for it to have something so even the hardcore Shihad fan can learn from it but also have something so you can take anyone else with you even if they are not a Shihad fan and have something for them to take from the documentary as well.

While Sam was over in Berlin for Berlinale in Feb 2011 to show off his short film Manurewa he caught up with some people from Noise Records for the documentary.

If you have any material (stories, photos, movies, moshcams etc) that you think may be relevant to the film please email shihadfilm AT rubbermonkey DOT co DOT nz with a description. You never know it may well make it into the film!

Update April 2011

The Shihad Feature Film is going well. (Producer) David White and (Director) Sam Peacocke recently returned from shooting interviews in the U.S.A. While there, they spoke to the likes of GGGarth Richardson, Angus Vail, Roe Gallo and Doc McGhee discussing everything from the name change to what it takes to break in America. All these interviews gave some amazing insights into the band and also the America music industry as a whole.

Sam and David will be heading to Melbourne next week to spend a little more time with the band before they're back and begin heading into post production, following a few more days shoot.

Production Info

The documentary is being produced by Rubber Monkey in Wellington. The crew consists of:

  • Sam Peacocke - Director. He was the director behind the Beautiful Machine and Sleepeater videos
  • Grant Roa - Producer
  • Laurence Alexander - Producer
  • David White - Production Manager

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