Deb's Night Out (single)

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Cover art
Single + Tour Ad
Name Debs Night Out
Tracks 5
Total length 21:36
Year 1996
Recorded Track 1: York Street Studios. Track 2 & 4: O.M.W, Wellington. Track 3 & 5: Somewhere in L.A.
Writer/composer Shihad except Flaming Soul by Flesh D-Vice and Gates Of Steel by Devo.
Producer Track 1: Shihad and Malcolm Welsford. Track 2 & 4 Shihad and Dave Berry.
Art work "Travelling Dr Salesman" by Jason Secto.
Publisher Wideside/Festival Records
Format(s) CD Single
Catalogue number(s) D1144, HAD 0012
Release 1996
Chart position #41 (RIANZ Peak)


Track 1 is not the same version that is on Killjoy, its actually a remix by Josh Abraham even though its not noted on the liner notes.

Track 3 & 5: " Icing on the cake" added by Evan Roberts at The Padded Sell, Wellington

Track List

  1. Deb's Night Out (Remix)
  2. Flaming Soul
  3. Last Day Of A Three Day Journey
  4. Gates Of Steel
  5. Coming Down