Dogs Are Talking (single)

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Cover art
Name Dogs Are Talking
Tracks 3
Total length 3.58 + 5.45 (Unsure of Nine Livez track length)
Year 1990
Writer/composer Shihad
Art work
Publisher Mushroom/Festival Records
Format(s) 7", 12", Cassingle
Catalogue number(s) K10176 X14867 C10176
Release August 1990
Chart position


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Catalogue Number Country Of Release Publisher(s) Format
K10176 NZ Mushroom / Festival 7" Vinyl
X14867 NZ Mushroom / Festival 12" Vinyl
C10176 NZ Mushroom / Festival Tape


Split single with The Angels and Nine Livez. This is the original interpretation of the song that later appear on Devolve (ep)

Track List

All Versions

  1. Dogs Are Talking (The Angels)
  2. Live It Up (Demo) (Nine Livez)
  3. Down Dance (Demo) (Shihad)