Devolve (ep)

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Devolve EP & Tour Ad
Chart Position
CD Release Review
Name Devolve
Tracks 4
Total length 22.04
Year 1990 (Vinyl) 1991 (CD)
Recorded Marmalade Studios May 1990
Writer/composer Shihad (exc. The Wizard written by Black Sabbath)
Producer Malcolm Welsford & Shihad
Art work John Halvorsen & Jon Toogood
Publisher Pagan Records (CD)
Format(s) CD, Vinyl & Tape
Catalogue number(s) PACD 1073 (4357732) PACD 1073 PAGT1073 PAC1073
Chart position 21


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Catalogue Number Country Of Release Publisher(s) Format
PACD 1073 (4357732) NZ Pagan CD (Slim Case)
PACD 1073 NZ Pagan CD (Std Case)
PAGT1073 NZ Pagan Vinyl
PAC1073 NZ Pagan Tape


The vinyl was limited to 1000 copies, and is quite hard to come by, often fetches up to $60.

Two versions of the tape exist, one with a label sticker on the tape and the other is printed on the tape without a sticker. Both have the same catalouge number.

Track List

  1. It
  2. Down Dance
  3. Subject Matters
  4. The Wizard