Gig 20050501

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Live Picture
Venue Aotea Square
Date 01 May 2005
Location Auckland
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 12
Support No One
Event start 1600
Capacity ??
Ticket price Free
Sold out? Yes

Set List

  1. Empty Shell
  2. Comfort Me
  3. My Mind's Sedate
  4. All The Young Facist's - Confirm
  5. Pacifier
  6. run
  7. Day Will Come
  8. None Of The Above
  9. The General Electric
  10. Dark Time's
  11. Big Future
  12. Home Again
  13. Alive

encore You Again


Free concert to kick off NZ Music month 2005, in 2006 was released onto dvd format.





Yes - Can be found as a bonus disc of Love Is the New Hate. Also note that the order on the video does not reflect how they were actually played at the gig.