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Venue Town Hall
Date 25 July 2008
Location Wellington
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 17
Support The Mint Chicks & Luger Boa
Event start 8pm
Capacity 2160. 2000ish turned up
Ticket price $65.00 + BF
Sold out? Not Yet

Set List

  1. Home Again
  2. Rule The World
  3. My Mind's Sedate
  4. Beautiful Machine
  5. Comfort Me
  6. Alive
  7. Chameleon
  8. Pacifier
  9. Run (Acoustic)
  10. The Metal Song (First time played in Wellington)
  11. Count It Up
  12. Wait And See
  13. The General Electric
  14. One Will Hear The Other
  15. The Bible And The Gun
  16. Screwtop
  17. You Again


Tickets on sale from May 9 from



Yes - Recorded by DetMackey (Shihad Forums) of Boots 'n' All. No lossless versions are avaliable.

Full Luger Boa set avaliable here

Karl Kippenberger played bass for the whole gig.

Luger Boa Setlist:

  1. What Is Real?
  2. Humans Rule
  3. Please Please
  4. I Wanna Girlfriend
  5. On My Mind
  6. 1000 Hooks
  7. Only A Moment Away

Full Mint Chicks set avaliable here

Setlist is unsure of. Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! had Karl Kippenberger as guest bassist.