What We Get (song)

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Name What We Get
Album/single I Only Said (single)
Length 3.01
Alternative titles
First live performance
Recorded by Malcolm Welsford at Mandrill Studios (Previously released on 'Prime Sex' soundtrack)
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer Stuart Pierce


He is the brother of a crouded dream
He's out of sense and he's over the edge, we tell him
What part of him is a point in you (?)
His sister's a machine
? one down when he tries to mention'
That there's a part of him that's dying
And he gets

No love
But don't touch me
Stay true
What we get, what we get, what we get
No joy
It's all over
All over you

She is the sister of a bad ass Joe ?
Never ? always somewhere to go, go, go
But he wonders what her problem is
? ? ? difference
? ? ? ? ?
Now there's a part of her that lays dead
And we get

Are you scared, are you tired
Always fearful of your sin
Too big, too small
And always sick and always
? ? ? helping me
Raise your hand you gotta ? ?
We're all the victims of the new age
It's always ?