I Only Said (single)

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Cover art
Promo poster
Name I Only Said
Tracks 3
Total length 11.27
Year 1993
Recorded York Street Studios, The Building, Mandrill Studios
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer Jaz Coleman(1), Shihad & Nick Roughan (2), Malcolm Welsford (3)
Art work ??
Publisher Wideside/Festival Records
Format(s) CD Single & Cassette Tape
Catalogue number(s) D11456 C11456
Release 7 June 1993
Chart position #3 (RIANZ Peak)


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Catalogue Number Country Of Release Publisher(s) Format
D11456 NZ Wildside / Festival CD
C11456 NZ Wildside / Festival Tape


Tape repeats songs both sides.

CD single was also packed for free with a limited of Churn albums under the same catalouge number.

Track List

CD Single/Tape

  1. I Only Said
  2. Disappear
  3. What We Get