Attack (song)

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Name Attack
Album/single Shihad
Length 3.08 (album version)
Alternative titles
First live performance
Recorded June/July 1996
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer GGGarth

Additional Information

Song meaning as told by Jon: "Attack is a little love song I think... a love song that's also quite a realistic love song. The first lines 'Look at you, you're a mystery, sometimes you're just hell'. When I played it to the person it's about, at first she was going 'fuck, is that it?', but it does conclude by saying 'our love is a battle, and it's worth fighting for'. I think it's really good because it's not one way or another". Rip It Up, Oct. 1996


I look at you
You're a mystery
Sometimes you're just hell
All the same
It's no news to me
And we all fall down so typically

Me, like it's all that matters
And enclose me in your arms

What's that you said?
Oh, I'm history
Yeah, well, I'm taking that as well
All the same
Only bruises me
And I get up with everything
Still intact

Our love
It's a battle
But it's worth fighting for



Standard Shihad tuning

Note: This is by no means the whole song - it is only part of the lead guitars tune - just the main bit.


|--5--5--5------------0-0--5-5--5-55-----------------| x4