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Cover art
Wildside Aug 1996 News Letter
Name B-Sides EP
Tracks 7
Total length 31.53
Year 1996
Recorded York Street (Tracks: 1,4), Mediate Music (Tracks: 2,3,7), Padded Shell (Tracks: 5,6)
Writer/composer Shihad (1-2 + 4-7), David Bowie (3)
Producer Shihad, Nigel Stone and Melcolm Welsford
Art work Sleeve Design :Jeremy Takacs & Karl Kippenberger

Sleeve Art: Jason Secto

Publisher Wildside/BMG
Format(s) EP
Catalogue number(s)
HAD 0022 | NZ | Wildside / BMG | CD
Release 30 August 1996
Chart position ??


Released as a giveaway with Killjoy in 1996.

These B-Sides were composed by Shihad and Evan Roberts (who did the 2 remixes on this album)

Track List

  1. Prayer
  2. Just Like Everybody Else
  3. Boys Keep Swinging
  4. NIL
  5. Silvercup (Tremolo Mix)
  6. Clapper Loader (Yee-Haa Mix)
  7. Bring Your Friends