Dark Secret (song)

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Name Dark Secret
Album/single FVEY
Length 4.53
Alternative titles -
First live performance This song has not yet been played live
Recorded 2014
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer Shihad & Jaz Coleman

Additional Information


You woke up with a new face
It was still you inside
Hanging out with the reptiles
And the people who hide
You need someone to torture
To make you feel all right
You need someone beneath you
Just like a parasite 

Fuck you (cunt)
Fuck you

Dark secret 

At other's misfortune
Only time that you'd smile
Fucking everyone over
That was part of your style
But I know your secret
The one that you hate the most
It's your face in the mirror
You look like a ghost

Fuck you (cunt)