Dark Times (video)

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Dark Times video still
Shihad video
Name Dark Times
Length 4.25
Initial air date 21 November 2005
Filming Location Studio
Director Simon Ward
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This video was all done in claymation.

A slightly jerky and fully latex Shihad fan wakes up in Wonderland.

Made over 5 weeks with a bunch of very talented friends.

Characters by Greg Tozer, Heather Kilgour, Don Brooker and Simon Ward

Sets by Ben Price with Tim Tozer, Rob Gillies and Tristan McCallum

Costumes by Cathy Harris

Props by Paul Hambleton

Post by Nick Salmon, Lakshman Anandanayagam and Simon Ward

Animated by Simon Ward with Don Brooker, Luke Rowell and pretty much everyone else did a bit.

Produced by Erin Todd

Directed, shot, edited by Simon Ward


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