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-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	Had Squad Update
Date: 	Mon, 07 Aug 2005

Hadders, Squaders,

Hope you are all well – Well the album has been out – hit number 2 in NZ and Number 11 in OZ -
We have been touring non stop all around Australia and NZ over the last couple of months –
We have met many of you and it’s been fuckin awesome to put faces to some very familiar names -
 things are now going to take a step up - There’s been a continued dominance of the triple J net 50 –
 with All the Young Facists holding number 1 for over 12 weeks now - which has been beyond incredible
 – it’s bordering on scary – this last week we held both the number one and two spots with the latest
 single shot in the head debuting at the number 2 spot – and now moving up to number one! you guys 
are sick!! But we ain’t complaining!!

So onto things coming up for the had squad.

SHOT IN THE HEAD – The ultimate dominance campaign!!!

As many of you are already aware the new single ‘SHOT IN THE HEAD’ has gone out to radio in
 both Australia and NZ – what we now need to do is light a fire under it at every radio 
station possible. Now this is something you guys have done a fantastic job of at triple J – 
We now need 
to broaden the fight to every other station capable of playing us!

In the main centres this will revolve around three stations – Triple J, NOVA and Triple M – 
The last 2 of these stations will be hard nuts to crack but with all of our determination we 
can do it.

If you are outside of the main centres - You will have one or two stations that can play this stuff –
 Find out who the stations are and load up their hotlines and request numbers!

This involves the following steps.

1. Listen out for the request shows and the chart shows
2. Call and request the track – Ask when they will play it
3. Listen out for the track and when you hear it – Call the station back, Tell them how great 
it is that they’re playing ‘Shot in the Head’ or ask ‘Who was that band?’ 
‘Can you play it again’ ‘when?’ etc.
4. Get your friends / other Had squaders / your Mum or the dudes at the supermarket 
to tag team this shit with you!
5. Repeat these steps repeatedly over the next 8 weeks in ever increasing amounts – 
we want to go from a hiss to a roar that those motherfuckers can’t ignore!!!!
6. Email us with your stories about how radio stations are responding etc. 
Tell us where we are making breakthroughs and where people are just being difficult and why etc. 
Send the email to : – SUBJECT HEADER : SITH CAMPAIGN

We will now begin a weekly prize pack to the best initiative – including tix to the 
Homeland security tour / Merch / and any other crazy shit we can think of – this will be 
happening once a week so go hard and then go harder – Tell us about what has happened and 
any ideas you can think of to break those barriers down!!!!!



Contact / Requests -


Contact / Requests -


Contact / Requests -


Contact / Requests -

***Please Note*** In some cases you’ll also have to join their ‘freq club’ to email requests
 or phone them in – check the criteria in each city’s site to see what you need to do.







Please Note – Each City has their own crieteria for taking requests over the phone and the net
 and nightly chart shows etc. - check out the situation in your area and find every avenue you
 can to push ‘Shot in the Head’ over the top in the next couple of months. As above setup a 
system and then repeat repeat repeat!! Tell us what you doing and how your doing it and go 
in the draw for the weekly ‘Had pack!!’



We need to keep the heat on Rosie’s show!!! please call / text or email yr requests in regularly


The video will be out soon – lets get this right up the top of the Channel V charts!!


TRL – Request show

Get that shit flying on MTV!!!!

SHIHAD / COG – The Homeland Security Tour

We just had the BEST time touring with these guys in NZ – I’m sure that this tour is 
be the highlight of our year – don’t miss it – although there will be giveaways for this 
coming up – tix ARE selling fast – Let people know and make sure that you are hooked up too!!


Many of you maybe familiar with how we now have established state captains in each region – 
just to break it down these are the people in YOUR area!!!! If you have not heard from them – 
Get in touch now and let them know that you are alive – they will be co-ordinating all sorts 
of things like meetups / soundcheck visits / merch specials etc. during this up coming tour – 
Get in touch and feel the Had Squad love!!!!

NSW – Had Squad Leaders

Covering – Sydney – Metropolitan / Canberra / Newcastle / Wollongong / Regional NSW

Robert Smith
(Contacts removed for privacy issues)

Nick Phegan
(Contacts removed for privacy issues)

QLD - Had Squad Leader

Covers – Brisbane Metropolitan / Sunshine coast / Gold Coast / Regional QLD

David Norris
(Contacts removed for privacy issues)

WA – Had Squad Leader

Covers - Perth Metropolitan / Freemantle / Bunbury / Geraldton / regional WA

Katrina Wright (kat)
(Contacts removed for privacy issues)

SA – Had squad leaders

Covers – Adelaide metropolitan / Regional SA

Bec Rowe
(Contacts removed for privacy issues)

Luke Pearson
(Contacts removed for privacy issues)

VIC - Had squad leaders.

Covers – Melbourne Metropolitan / Geelong / Ballarat / Regional VIC

Tegan Leeder
(Contacts removed for privacy issues)

(Contacts removed for privacy issues)


Up until the Homeland security tour - What we would like you guys to do is regularly visit 
the following sites and spread the word about the new album and the upcoming tour – 
every little subject title and mention helps raise awareness. Have fun.....


Faster Louder


Triple J – new boards – light that shit up!

Mess and Noise

HAD REWARDS – The ultimate rock winners subscriber programme.... Or something.....!!!!!!

That’s about it for now – Winners will be announced next Every Friday from Aug 12th 
until the 7th of October - That’s 10 shihad Prize packs – everyone of them will be 
different and they will include some really cool collectable vintage shit as well – 
so get thinking about how to get those radio stations playing SHOT in THE HEAD!!!!! 
And let us know!!!! Remember email your stories and initiatives to – 

Lots of love Jon, Tom, Karl and Phil.