Ghost From The Past (video)

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Shihad video
Name Ghost From The Past
Length 2.56
Initial air date 1998
Filming Location The Powerstation, Auckland
Director Julian Boshier
Watch Here


This video only resurfaced in 2018, here is what the director had to say regarding the video.

Ghost was the first ever music video I attempted. I vaguely remember giving Murry Cammick a call and simply asking if I could get an introduction to the band (as I thought they were cool).

I was told to go to the Powerstation, where they were elusive and not in the mood to discuss music video ideas. Eventually we did, and it was decided to keep it easy and shoot a live performance of the song. This I did with five cameras at the Powerstation. I had no control over lighting, clothing or anything. My first attempt at a video (and recording the song live) was reasonably stressful, but fast has they played the song during their set and then that was it, over. Apart from the editing, always a long process. This video has been locked away in my vault (a cardboard box actually)


  • Note the below issue has now been resolved

Conflicting sources as to who was the director. Wildside claims that Julian Boshier was the director, but Mvdbase claims that Mark Hartley was the director.

Hartley also directed Home Again. Hartley seems like the more likely director.

This link claims that Julian Boshier was the director.

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