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Strawberry Fields Poster
Strawberry Fields Info
Venue Strawberry Fields Festival
Date 04 & 06 March 1994
Location Raglan
Country New Zealand
Number of songs  ??
Support Te Hauauru Nga Nga Na, King Biscuit, John Michaels & The Cheap Dates, Ted Brown & The Italians, Herbs, Hello Sailor, Black Jack, Dead Flowers, Coro Blues, Southside Of Bombay, Three The Hard Way, Supergroove, Semi MCs, Jan Hellriegal, Annie Crummer, Andrew Fagan & Swirly World, Steady Eddy, The Midge Marsden Band & Ronnie Taylor, Clowns Of Decadence, Head Like A Hole, 3Ds, Pumpkinhead, Semi-Lemon Kola, Hammond Gamble, Emma Paki, Matty J, Bullfrog Rata, Voom, Hallucion, Saturn 5, Five Girls, Minus Mum, Susans, Culture Stone, Castle Rock, Thorazine Shuffle, Element, Flat Hampster Man, The Drongos, Hip Shooters, Minus Mum, Freebase, Truda & The Bluebloods, No Utopia.
Event start Shihad on the main stage 4th March at 11:15pm
Capacity ??
Ticket price $35 pre-sale, $50 at gate, free for children under 12 with a parent
Sold out? ??

Set List