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Venue MOSiR, Zabrze
Date 6th April 1995
Location Katowice
Country Poland
Number of songs  ??
Support Death, Unleashed, Gorefest, Samael, Head Like A Hole, Dynamind, Corruption, Hedone, Mash, My Dying Bride, Grave, Acid Drinkers, Quo Vadis and Tenebris
Event start ??
Capacity 10000 people turned up
Ticket price ??
Sold out? ??

Set List


From news archive:

Shihad and Head Like A Hole played a Polish Death Metal Festival
- In 1995 Shihad and HLAH were unfortunately booked to play a Polish Death Metal Festival. A small minority of the 10,000 crowd loved HLAH while the majority roared their disapproval as Booga gave the crowd an absolute bollocking (in English, of course). Shihad played to a totally silent crowd - no clapping or booing. The bands then made a beeline for the exit and a beeline for the border. Manager Gerald Dwyer described the other bands as "brutal, extreme, totally nasty death and black metal bands."