Gig 19960111-13

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Mountain Rock T-Shirt Front
Mountain Rock Info
Venue Mountain Rock Festival
Date 11, 12 & 13 January 1996
Location Palmerston North
Country New Zealand
Number of songs  ??
Support Joe Satriani, The Stranglers, The Cruel Sea, Metal As Anything, The Muttonbirds, Dave Dobbyn, The Exponents, Southside Of Bombay, Midge Marsden, Knightshade, Wayne Mason, The Jive Bombers, Billy T.K & Jnr, Ted Brown & The Italians, Barry Saunders, Banshee Reel, Dusty Rhodes, Jordon Reyne, Adrenalin, Jungle Tongue, Tempest, Sanction, Andrew White, The Cartoon, Axis Mundi, Beat Not Fish, X Factor, B.A.S, John Michaels & The Stone Babies, Axolotyls, Michelle Williams, Moeski, Stations, Furious, Tetnus, Strangetown, Darryl Montieth, Sven, Pushkin, Hideously Disfigured, Dancing Azians, Decaf, Gideon, Early Dayz, Quiet Earth, Polyp, Acid Stomach, Rolling Thunder, Denied Serenity, Hott Butterfly, Mufflar, Shanakie, F.M, Cucunber, Fat Mannequin, Bloodflower, State Of Hate, Munty Lava, Bogans, 2 The Max.
Event start ??
Capacity ??
Ticket price ??
Sold out? ??

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