Gig 20021001

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Venue Terminus Hotel
Date 1 October 2002
Location Albury, NSW
Country Australia
Number of songs  ??
Support Betchadupa
Event start ??
Capacity ??
Ticket price ??
Sold out? ??

Set List


Albury/Wodonga - Woodie!

So who cares about Albury/Wodonga? We fuckin' do!!!!!!! We've got a small pub, 2 awesome bands and a PA that is unnecessarily powerful in front of the most energetic Tuesday night crowd you have ever seen - what do you think happens? The stage is really tight and Jon spends most of his time climbing the speaker stacks and jumping into the crowd - Karl is hopping across the front row like the infected rat-chicken he is and Phil makes sure the lights are illuminating his hair perfectly. As for me and my part in this celebration of thangs rock 'n' roll - I break sticks, destroy drumskins and bend cymbals - all in a days work! To tell you the truth - both Jon and I have been fairly ill before the show - that's why we're so pleased that it went so well tonight - sore throats are easily forgotten in the face of smiling alburians who cut loose at every given opportunity - oorsome!

I really appreciated Albury - everyone there was really friendly and we had one of my fave shows of the tour - thanks to everyone who came!!!

Tom - 'Fier.

Betchadupa request spot tonight - 'Ghost from the past' (I forgot how to play the middle bit - Oh dear......)

Rat chicken smell index - 8.7 (Tom)