Gig 20021002

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Venue Palladium
Date 2 October 2002
Location Wagga Wagga, NSW
Country Australia
Number of songs  ??
Support Betchadupa
Event start ??
Capacity ??
Ticket price ??
Sold out? ??

Set List


Wagga wagga - goes off!!! Tom's account of a night well spent in Wagga Wagga. Not too long a drive from Albury to Wagga - The venue is rather large considering how many we're expecting tonight but then again the PA is huge so that more than makes up for it. This is the weird thing about some towns, the people go out - they pay their money to see a rock show and then sit down at a table like they would at home - This behaviour is basically unacceptable! Jon left the stage during wait and see and played from the dance floor jumping on tables and ruining peoples drinks - those in front of the stage were 'In the zone' so needed no incitement but the rest of the room was hard work. Karl and I left our posts during Jon's acoustic version of Run and walked around telling people to get off their asses and come up and mooooove. The best come backs were - 'Hey mate your singer owes me a beer' and 'I'm not getting up because I'm slack'. Honesty is the best policy. Apart from that Wagga Wagga was great fun - those that rocked and jumped around had a ball and we did as well. Awesome. Next time we're bringing twice the PA so even if you sit down the sound will blow you off your seat.