Gig 20021120

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Venue Sawtell RSL
Date 20 November 2002
Location Sawtell, NSW
Country Australia
Number of songs  ??
Support Superheist
Event start ??
Capacity ??
Ticket price ??
Sold out? ??

Set List


Phil's Sawtell and Byron Bay gigs

Sawtell RSL was a great start to the tour.The interior was modelled after the 'Love Boat' apparently.It was an all ages gig and instead of having the bar upstairss and the under 18's downstairss,it was the other way around.The under 18's were going sick,more than the drinker's ,but they were about 20 metre's down the room from us.But it was cool,like an AD/DC video.I managed to hand my microphone to the guy in the wheelchair next to me on the side of the stage,to sing the last chorus of 'My mind's sedate'.He was even louder than me! The next night it was Byron Bay.A friend of our's who cook's at 'The blue room' in Ballina treated us to a free feed.Apparently Jon was still digesting when we got on stage,but that didn't stop him from jumping into the crowd at the start of the second song.There were a few technical difficulties but that just made the gig more frantic and punky.It felt good when I smashed my microphone into the stage at the end.Considering we were in the crusty/hippy capital of Australia it was extra funny when Jonny told a joke he heard about meat eating."If god didn't want us to eat meat,then why did he make animal's out of meat?"Apparently a couple of disgusted tree's were seen leaving the venue.But don't get me wrong ,I don't like the idea of fuzzy animal's dying needlessly,but these day's most of the time I just can't resist.You know when you're smashed after a show and the only thing hot to eat at the gas station is a mince pie.