Gig 20030314 Journal

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Source: (circa 03)

Date Published: Unsure

Who: Shihad.

Where: Sauget, IL, USA

When: 14 March 2003

Reviewed by: Shihad (Jon Toogood)

Played at Pops which is a 24hr rock hall in a seedy part of St. Louis where pretty much anything goes. was happy to hear AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" album blasting through the PA before we went on 'cause it put me in the right mood for rock. (it's probably my favourite AC/DC album but, hey, they're all gooood!) guy in front row didn't want to like us so we put on extra special show for him and by the end he was ours. met some really good people and ate some really average food. on a whole - dirty, sleazy rock'n'roll!!!