Gig 20030315 Journal

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Source: (circa 03)

Date Published: Unsure

Who: Shihad.

Where: Kansas City, MO, USA

When: 15 March 2003

Reviewed by: Shihad (Jon Toogood)

Early show today, the reason being that as soon as our show's over the venue turns into a real-life, country music pick-up bar - cowboy hats, mechanical bull and all. yeeee-haw! We're all pretty happy as it is the first day since we arrived in the US that we can walk around wearing just t-shirts because, today, it is finally warm. oh yeah. Love the gig today 'cause it's got one of those PA's that you can climb all over and get up really high on so Karl and myself spend the show trying to outdo one another's Motley Crue moves on top of the speaker stacks. end up crowd surfing a smiling bunch of Pacifier converts all the way to the merch desk where we meet lots of cool people and sign stuff for them. definite Rock town! Poor James from Trust Co. ended up breaking his hand the night before while stage-diving so has to play tonight's show with his thumb. he does well and they end having a stonker anyway. The Beaumont Club's just down the road from one of the oldest intersections in America and is crawling with people tonight 'cause Kansas is where one of the biggest St. Patricks Day celebrations in the US takes place and it's almost that time and there's quite a cool anarchic vibe going down but get warned by our local Arista guy that after everything shuts down at 2AM things'll get crazy and they do with us ending up watching a major street brawl just outside where we're parked from the (relative) safety of our bus window. Go Kansas!