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Source: Link

Date Published: Unsure

Who: Shihad.

Where: Salt Lake City, UT, USA

When: 1 April 2003

Reviewed by: Shihad (Karl Kippenberger)

It was pretty tough leaving Las Vegas, Sin City has a way of luring you in. Oh well, wake up in Salt Lake City, this is apparently Morman-Central! Anyway, arrive to the venue, Jules and Marco load the gear, and WHAMMO! Gig cancelled. Apparently Kevin from TrustCo's throat was stuffed. So now we are stuck in Salt Lake City with nothing to do. Jules, Marco, Steve (Merch Guy Extaordineer) and me go to a mall and find a remote control car race track. Its like an oversized slot car set. So after a bit of chinnanagins Jules kickes all our asses. Go to a Japanese restaurant and meet up with some of the Fingertight lads. Eating is so much fun!!!! Especially raw fish. Go back to the Bus and run into a bunch of Kiwis. They tell me a bunch of 'em are in the Dead Goat Bar down the alleyway and are pissed that the show was cancelled. Then the manager of the Deat Goat comes over and asks us to play for the rowdy kiwis in his bar. so we go in and wait some local blues dudes to finish their set. its an open mic night, they have some basic gear, so we bring some guitars and start a rockin!!! Josh from TrustCO announces us as "Steve Dibble and the Kiwi's", Steve being the merch guy that can sing and air guitar AC/DC better than any of us. So we do a bunch of AC/DC mullet standards and get the crowd ROCKIN'! After that we played some shihad oldies for the nostalgic kiwi crowd. "Home Again", "Lalaland" and "You Again" go down a treat... All in all and resounding success, We still got to rock Salt Lake City and Tonto, thanks for the Marmite!

x karl