Gig 20030402 Journal

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Source: (circa 03)

Date Published: Unsure

Who: Shihad.

Where: Denver, CO, USA

When: 2 April 2003

Reviewed by: Shihad (Tom Larkin)

The nature of tour changes dramtically today - Both us and Trust co. become opening acts for the extremely metal sevendust.There's also a band from Canada now on the bill called Fingereleven - the band that left the tour yesterday was called fingertight - what is it with fingers? Oh yeah - thats right........

The venue is yet again another filmore like the one in San Fran. But about 2-3 times the size. Sevendust have the most enormous amount of backline realestate and it just fill the stage completely - We manage to park our gear on there and the show goes really well even if it feels like we're in an aircraft hanger! Fingereleven are cool as well they have a pair of great guitarists called Rick and James respectively but collectively they are rick james - such hot bitches those two.

Ok so here's where I get surprised - Sevendust are really really good at what they do!! I thought I was going to fuckin' loathe it but as far as metal bands go these guys are good - Great drummer - really entertaining and they have that tight metal riff thing going without the extreme buzzy bee guitarsound and they kinda swing too. Don't hear that every day. Mind you one of the guys looks almost exactly like Fabio with a guitar and that tends to suspend the disbelief but hey I'm still pleased that they don't really suck.

Went and got messy afterwards - ended up in rick james hotel room watching fox news ... I mean the millitary olympics. wholesome fun for the family.