Gig 20030405 Journal

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Source: (circa 03)

Date Published: Unsure

Who: Shihad.

Where: Phoenix, AZ, USA

When: 5 April 2003

Reviewed by: Shihad (Jon Toogood)

Lots of things to climb tonight so we all spend every second of the show doing so. great reaction from the Phoenix crowd who are, by the looks of 'em, well versed in the ways of rock so feel pretty good that they dig what we do. our techs, Jules and Marco, are running around all over the place trying to untangle this and re-position that and do a fuckin' good job of keeping up but fail to stop me ripping the guts out of my favourite Maton guitar by wrapping my lead around every available mic stand then trying to run across to the other side of the stage. fuck it. looked good. my body's bruised and sore all over, my hands are fucking ugly from grinding the ends of my fingers down on the guitar and I am in desperate need of some sleep but feel a sort of contentment in the fact that after all this time Pacifier are more on fire than I've ever seen and that's what I do this for - to feel alive and BURN!