Gig 20030417 Journal

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Source: (circa 03)

Date Published: Unsure

Who: Shihad.

Where: House Of Blues - New Orleans, LA, USA

When: 17 April 2003

Reviewed by: Shihad (Karl Kippenberger)

New Orleans is so fukin cool, I started my day wiith BBQ brisket and pulled pork. Sooooo yummy, the food here is great. Its pretty humid today, makes for good drinking weather too. We arrive at the House of Blues to load in and already the Cutty Girls are already roaming the streets getting drunk. A few days ago all the bands and crew decided to designate New Orleans as the the party night. I couldn't think of a better party town. Memento played a crazy show tonight, with Justin their singer running around the venue like the pied piper. Rev Smile played their assault of sleazy rock riffs. We Stormed the stage as well as the dance floor. It was a pretty good turn out tonight and Trust Co rocked their fans. I got up with Josh (bass) on their 4th song, "Hover" and fretted all the notes while he strummed. WOW! Two bass players and one bass!!!!! We kicked Bass-Ass! Cliff Burton would be proud. After the show we made our way to Bourbon Street, The party got separated. We had a local who took us to Pat O'Briens for the best Hurricane's in New Orleans. Hurricane's are apparently the traditional drink. The other good thing about this place is that most things are 24 hours and you can drink on the streets. So there's no excuses. Most of us ended up at a place called the Dungeon. It opens at midnight and you pay the bartender upstairs a buck to play a song from a smorgasbord of heavy metal. The highlight for me would of been "For whom the bell tolls" - Metallica followed by G'n'R's "Welcome to the Jungle". Reminded me of the old days at The Hole in the Wall and Valve bar in Welly. Anyway, everyone got really drunk (except for Phil cause he doesn't drink anymore), and we all got back to the bus safely. The following day hurt... BTW, has anyone seen or heard the Johnny Cash cover of NIN's "Hurt"? Its fantastic Also the new White Stripes album Rocks too! x karl