Gig 20030418 Journal

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Source: (circa 03)

Date Published: Unsure

Who: Shihad.

Where: The Varsity Theater - Baton Rouge, LA, USA

When: 18 April 2003

Reviewed by: Shihad

I've been feeling a little homesick today so I decided to go straight for the comfort/junk food to cheer me up. So far I've had 2 snickers bars, a burger and ice cream from (it shill remain an unnamed naughty place), two little easter eggs and bad circle K pizza. Will tonight was the last night of the 3 month tour with Trust Co., so as is customary we expected that we would get hazed on stage. It started with Josh from Trust Co. swearing through our monitors during Everything and then their drum tech playing cheesy guitar solos at very inappropriate times. I thought we were home clear when we started My mind's sedate but then I felt 2 shaving cream pies rubbed into ether side of my head. Trust Co. and their crew got us all good with cream and talcum powder. Then came our turn. It started out innocently enough, with Jon spraying them with Champagne and our tour manager ordering a pizza and having the pizza guy deliver it onstage to the singer in-between songs. But then it was Tom's turn to unwittingly take things 1 million steps over the line. I felt a pang of anxiety when I saw him readying the fire extinguisher .He let the thing loose and the next thing you know everyone is gagging on the toxic fumes of the big white cloud that engulfed the stage. I ran outside where people were puking and James from Trust Co. said "That wasn't cool man". But he was laughing later. It was definitely Tom's Wyong. I was just glad that no ambulances turned up outside the venue. Anyways, while were on the bus freaking out about it, their sound guy runs onto our bus with a cup of something and throws the contents down in-between the bunks. It turns out that it was 500 live crickets. It took shit loads of vacuuming and for those of us in the lower bunks it took hours to kill and clean them out. It's been a long tour and I'll definitely miss all those guys (you dirty rat bastards!). We haven't had a chance to our washing in a while so some of us are getting a little stinky.