Gig 20030424 Journal

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Source: (circa 03)

Date Published: Unsure

Who: Shihad.

Where: Club Neptunes (WJBX Show) - Fort Myers, FL,

When: 24 April 2003

Reviewed by: Shihad (Jon Toogood)

This show was fuckin' rockin almost all the way through. the club was packed, the sound was pumping. then the singer forgot where he was. up until then everything was spankin'. 'Comfort Me' was tight as a fish's ass hole and got the people warmed up and hungry. 'General Electric' kicked in and turned the dance floor into a mosh pit that looked like a human hurricane. was wearing my 'FUCK' t-shirt and got all the people in the house to shout it out as loud as they could and all was good. 'Semi-Normal' stonked like it does and everything was rockin'. then I called the Ft. Myers 'Ft. Wayne' and all was quiet. Ft. Wayne is in a completely different part of the country (Indiana actually). doh. Chris, our sound guy's voice came through very quietly in my monitors saying 'it's Ft. Myers. you're in Ft. Myers!' so I found a particularly dissappointed looking kid in the crowd, gave him the mike and asked him to tell me where we were. 'FT. MYERS!!!!' was shouted which got a loud cheer and let me off the hook. I am Spinal Tap, I am an idiot, I am so sorry! so we worked hard to make amends by playing the rest of the set with as much passion and volume as we could muster (the rest of the band wanted to have me hung) and I think from the way I got my ass spanked by 2 girls in crowd whilst playing 'My Mind's Sedate' in the front row and the loud cheers at the end, I got away with it... just! we're playing back at the same venue (Neptunes) around the middle of may so I better not forget where I am when we're there. But, in the end, I really loved tonights show and can't wait to play there again and to all the people that were there tonight, I apologise for getting your name wrong. I can be such a dick! (Flakey Lead Singer Disease)