Gig 20030429

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Venue Jupiters Bar & Grill
Date 29 April 2003
Location Tuscaloosa, AL
Country United States of America
Number of songs  ??
Support Saliva
Event start 9pm
Capacity ??
Ticket price $12
Sold out? ??

Set List



He could retire off his royalties from the Spider-Man soundtrack, but Saliva frontman Josey Scott isn't content to be remembered for the big, sappy sound of the "Hero" single. Instead, the band has moved on to bringing big sappiness to tired rap-rock on their Back Into Your System album. On the plus side, this kind of stuff always sounds funniest in a small venue. The similar-minded Pacifier also shows up to make it clear that not every band from New Zealand is fey, pop, or talented. (Tuesday, April 29, Jupiter Bar & Grill, Tuscaloosa, 9 p.m.; $12.)