Gig 20030506 Journal

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Source: (circa 03)

Date Published: Unsure

Who: Shihad.

Where: Blue Cats - Knoxville, TN, USA

When: 6 May 2003

Reviewed by: Shihad (Jon Toogood)

Blue Cat's is in the 'Old City' part of downtown Knoxville which is a cool as fuck area with heaps of different venues to play at and cafes everywhere (to get coffee at.) it actually reminds me a little of Cuba st. in Wellington, NZ so I feel right at home today. It is our last show with Shinedown, the Southern rockers we've played with all week and this is Brent, the lead singer's home town so there are plenty of family members, friends and locals hangin' out for the show and the party afterwards. I'm feeling a little fried after last night's madness in Chattanooga and really don't feel up for another night of partying. In fact I'm even wondering if I'll make it through the gig without passing out or throwing up but the show ends up being one of the best we've done over here. It's weird how that happens. Maybe it's because you expect nothing to happen and therefore can do whatever the fuck you want (which makes it exciting) also, a good strong coffee before the show from the cafe down the road where a Christian Indie/Hardcore show (yeah, I know. It's like saying Thrash/Easy Listening or Honest Politician. Weird.) was going on before we played helped a lot. Brent's 70 year old grandmother was up the front all night and copped a microphone stand on the noggin when it fell over while we were playing but she was totally cool with that and went right on rockin' 'til the end. Met a Female body builder who works with Chimpanzees at the local University and looks after the Red Pandas at the Knoxville Zoo. I am the designated driver this evening so I get to watch everyone else make fools of themselves instead of doing so myself which ends up being just as entertaining especially when everyone starts doing Josey, Saliva's lead singer's choreographed moves from the song that goes "Click, Click, Boom." um, ok. Time to go home now.