Gig 20050630

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Australian Tour 2005
Venue Waterloo Hotel
Date 30 June 2005
Location Brisbane, QLD
Country Australia
Number of songs 17
Support Kisschasy & Bowser
Event start 8pm
Capacity ??
Ticket price $22
Sold out? Almost

Set List

  1. Empty Shell
  2. All The Young Fascists
  3. The General Electric
  4. Alive
  5. Home Again
  6. Wait And See
  7. Big Future
  8. None Of The Above
  9. Comfort Me
  10. Pacifier
  11. Traitor
  12. Dark Times
  13. My Mind's Sedate
  14. Day Will Come
  15. Shot In The Head
  16. La La Land
  17. Run


This was David's Birthday show. Much fun was had by Nick, Rob, Shannon, Chris, Sean, Ryckii, Kimberly, Raphael, Tony, Matt, Emma, Phil, Jon, Karl, Tom, Craig and of course the extremely intoxicated David. It was David's 23rd birthday and it was his 24th show (the 23rd being the Skinny's Instore earlier that day) and it was his mission to drink 23 beers. He remembers 8.