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The "One Will Hear The Other Tour" Tour Poster
The "One Will Hear The Other Tour" Tour Ad
Venue Sands Tavern
Date 16 March 2008
Location Maroochydore, QLD
Country Australia
Number of songs  ??
Support Horsell Common & The Galvatrons
Event start Doors 8.00 pm
Capacity ??
Ticket price $25 + booking fee / $30 at the door
Sold out? Not yet

Set List

  1. Thin White Line
  2. My Mind's Sedate
  3. Run
  4. Home Again


Excerpt from

Sands Tavern in Maroochydore, QLD. Johnny Galvatron got up to sing the end of 'Run', Manny Galvatron played drums for 'My Minds Sedate' while Tom stood out the front to have a listen. The show ended with all members of Horsell Common + The Galvatrons joining us onstage for 'Home Again'. Luke Horsell accidentally smashed Jon in the head and by the end of the song, Jon's face was covered in blood. Thanks to the bands + everyone that came to see us on this tour..

Tickets $25 + booking fee / $30 at the door. Pre sale tickets available from , 1300 762 545

This is an R18 show.

Tickets on sale now from