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Venue Horseshoe
Date 27 January 2010
Location Masterton
Country New Zealand
Number of songs -
Support  ?
Event start 7.00pm
Capacity 200
Ticket price $35.00
Sold out? No


Tickets to the Shihad Horseshoe gig went on sale this morning at Vinyl Heaven in Jackson St, Masterton at 9am and the Golden Shears Bar at 10am


The biggest hard rock band in New Zealand is playing one of their smallest venues in 10 years in Masterton next week.

Trust House is bringing Shihad to the Horseshoe and it looks like it is going to go off. The special one-off gig on Wednesday, January 27, is intended to be a rev-up for their three shows opening for stadium rockers AC/DC.

Shihad promoter Peter Campbell said the band were excited to be playing the small venue, upstairs in the Horseshoe, as it would put the audience right up close and they should be able to feed off that energy.

"They wanted to play a small show in a little bar so that they would have people right in their face," he says.

The band hasn't played since just after New Year's Day, when they performed in Australia.

"Obviously AC/DC is a pretty important show. It is a show that they're very excited to be playing and they want to make sure they have the opportunity to blow out any cobwebs so that they can ensure when they get into the big stadium, they're ready to go."

The band asked that entry be kept down to an affordable price for locals, so the 200 tickets go on sale for only $35 each. The Masterton show will be a rare gig for the band too.

"It's probably the smallest venue that Shihad would've played in the last 10 years."

Lead singer Jon Toogood has family in Wairarapa and he will be catching up with them while he is around. He specifically said that he was keen to do a show in Wairarapa and Trust House have organised it for them.

Campbell came down to check out three venues for the gig and chose the Horseshoe.

"It's a really good room it will be perfect."


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