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Venue Dashville (PigSty in July)
Date 2 July 2016
Location Belford, Hunter Valley, NSW
Country AU
Number of songs
Support King Tide, Masco Sound System, Lepers & Crooks, Justin Ngariki & Dastardly Bastards, Claire Ann Taylor & more to be announced
Event start 12.00pm-10.00pm
Ticket price $48.00 + BF Tickets from Ticketbooth
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Set List


"Pigsty is a '2nd-hand-formal' themed event.

GENTS: There's no expectations here, other then that we want to see smart, sophisticated men who takes pride in a pre-loved suit.

LADIES: We want to see ladies who can rock a dress of any era or style. Its a chance to get one of those awesome dresses that you thought you'd never wear again. Perhaps a dress may have been too much for a previous function could be ripe for this one. For those who want to restock the wardrobe, perhaps a visit to one of your local second hand stores should be in order? Rest assured which ever option you choose, it'll be perfect for Pigsty. Please bare in mind that high heels will be great for aerating the soil, but not so good to walk around in. It goes without saying that it will also be winter so be sure to bring a jacket."