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Concert Poster
Venue Auckland Town Hall
Date 20 December 2023
Location Auckland
Country New Zealand
Number of songs 10 (Playing Churn in full)
Support Aroha, Concord Dawn, Delaney Davidson + Marlon Williams, Ebony Lamb, LIPS, Princess Chelsea, Tiny Ruins, Voom
Event start 6pm, Shihad on stage 10.20pm
Ticket price $99-119
Sold out? ?

Set List

  1. Factory
  2. Screwtop
  3. Fracture
  4. Stations
  5. Clapper Loader
  6. I Only Said
  7. Derail
  8. Bone Orchard
  9. The Happy Meal
  10. You Again


Imagine an Aotearoa without the warmth of your old friend 95bFM. This cannot be! With your help, we can keep the lights on and have a damn good time doing so. The music community of Aotearoa have teamed together to cook up an awesome party. They’ve given their time, resources and talent for free - to SAVE THE b!

On Wednesday 20 December, the Auckland Town Hall will play host to the mother-of-all bFM parties. The fundraising gig will feature two stages in the Main Hall and Concert Chamber, as well as a lineup of stellar Kiwi acts that 95bFM has supported right since the beginning.

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