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Concert Poster
Venue Auckland Town Hall
Date 20 December 2023
Location Auckland
Country New Zealand
Number of songs (Playing Churn in full)
Support Aroha, Concord Dawn, Delaney Davidson + Marlon Williams, Ebony Lamb, LIPS, Princess Chelsea, Rock And Roll Machine, Tiny Ruins, Voom
Event start 6pm
Ticket price $99-119
Sold out? ?

Set List


Imagine an Aotearoa without the warmth of your old friend 95bFM. This cannot be! With your help, we can keep the lights on and have a damn good time doing so. The music community of Aotearoa have teamed together to cook up an awesome party. They’ve given their time, resources and talent for free - to SAVE THE b!

On Wednesday 20 December, the Auckland Town Hall will play host to the mother-of-all bFM parties. The fundraising gig will feature two stages in the Main Hall and Concert Chamber, as well as a lineup of stellar Kiwi acts that 95bFM has supported right since the beginning.

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