Grey Area (song)

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Name Grey Area
Album/single FVEY
Length 3.02
Alternative titles -
First live performance The Espy, Melbourne 17-04-14
Recorded 2014
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer Shihad & Jaz Coleman

Additional Information

This was the first song off FVEY to be played live.


I am a reflection
I’m what you want to hear
And we don’t need a conscience
So we’re perfectly clear

And there’s no room for light
There’s only black or white
No grey area

Driven by our profits
And drunk on success
The future generation
Will inherit the mess

And we belong to the night
We talk in black or white
No grey area

The lines fade into grey
The knives are out and it’s anybody’s game
Once the lion’s out of its cage
You will never keep it down

Driven to distraction
Discourage dissent
The leader is a traitor
He don’t need our consent

And we know it’s not right
There’s more than black and white
The grey area