Here Comes The Winter (song)

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Name Here's The Winter
Album/single A Day Away (single)
Length 1.28
Alternative titles
First live performance
Recorded York Street Studios, Auckland, NZ
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer Shihad, Malcolm Welsford

Additional Information

Lyrics unfinished, see (?) for unfinished lines.


I don't mind theory
Got no holes in my shoes
But I feel unease, when it comes to winter

(Oooh a la la la la la la) Turn your clock back again
(Oooh a la la la la la la) Wake up on a weekend (?)
Can't feel my toes, and I can tell it's time for a change

'Cos here comes the winter
Yeah, here comes the winter
Here comes the winter
Yeah, here comes the winter


Here Comes The Winter
EADGBe tuning

This song is all just G, then D and then Dsus4 in that order, and you can listen to the song for
timing and strum pattern, but for anyone who doesn't know those chords I've tabbed one line, as all
lines are exactly the same, except some switch to D a chord faster.