NZ Rock 1987-2007 – Gareth Shute (Book)

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  • Name NZ Rock: 1987-2007
  • Year 2008
  • Author Gareth Shute
  • Publisher Random House New Zealand
  • Format Book (360 pages)
  • Barcode 1869790006


p.93: Mentions that Jon and Tom were brought in to help with Fiona Apple’s album “A Different Hunger”.

p.98: Shihad were winners of Grunt Records’ music awards, taking away Heavy Metal Award.

pp.109-12: Shihad’s early history up until 1993.

p.115: Reasons why Shihad didn’t sign to Sony, Shihad as a big drawcard to the Big Day Out 1994.

p.116: Shihad signing to Noise Music, success of Churn and Killjoy .

p.117: Shihad and HLAH’s touring and how SML formed.

pp.118-20: Shihad’s touring through 1995, Gerald Dwyer’s passing.

pp.121-2: Shihad starting to break the Australian music scene, Blue Light Disco helping the band to get radio airplay.

pp.130-3: Phil producing Breathe’s EP ‘Things Like These’, Tom helping Breathe to get signed to Felix. Weta working with Tom on their ‘Natural Compression’ EP. Tom helped Weta get signed to Warner.

p.227: Phoenix Foundation recorded at the same space in Wellington which used to house “Original Music Workshop”, a space that Shihad had also used.

pp.269-71: Shihad’s progress in the 2000s, up to 2007 and the Pacifier debacle.

p.277: Photo of Jon signing a guitar belonging to Matthew McDonald-Bates’ from the band Ejector.

+ Black and white photos

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