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This site does cost money, US$40.98 to be exact, all of that is out of my pocket. That has got Me the domain name and hosting both for a year (expiring around 24 Feb 2008). The hosting gives Me 5GB of disk and 250GB of traffic per month. So any donations will help off set that cost. If you would like to make a donation Email Me or leave a message on My talk page.

If I get enough in donations I could look at getting a better hosting plain for an extra US$2.70 a month I could get a plan that includes 100GB of disk space and 1000GB of traffic. I will have to go this way (A) if the site turns out popular (B) could possibly host videos and/or bootlegs (would need to talk to Shihad first).

This site does have have Google ads on it. Looking at the money so far it will not cover the costs of running this site. Please note when signing up for Google ads I said I would not encourage people to click ads so please don't click them unless you are actually interested in them. If you run a site and want to have ads on them click the "Ads by Goooooogle" link and if you have a site that you want to advertise on Google ads click the "Advertise on this site" link. I am assuming you don't have any ad blocking software turned on and can see the Google ads at the top of page.

Stuff you can do for free that would help this site

  • Tell people about it
  • Link to this site
  • Add/Edit content on this site.

People who have donated

A big thanks to the people below who have kindly donated some of their hard earned money to help keep this site running. If you have donated and are not on this list please contact Me

  • Bob Archer - PsychoBob (Shihad Forums)
  • Mike Bailey - Tahii (Shihad Forums)
  • Adam - Paper Doll (Shihad Forums)
  • Gareth Gowan - Floss_LUC (Shihad Forums)
  • Mathew Pietraszek - Mat (Shihad Forums)
  • Nick Anderson - Kinopus (Shihad Forums)
  • Dave Robinson - Karit (Shihad Forums)
  • Kate Webber - Kate (Shihad Forums)