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Stations Single News
Stations Review
Name Stations
Tracks 4
Total length 19:41
Year 1994
Recorded York Street Studios, Marmalade Studios, Writhe Studios
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer Jaz Coleman, Shihad & Nigel Stone, Brent McLachlan
Art work
Publisher Wideside/Festival Records
Format(s) CD Single
Catalogue number(s) D11442 N 0249-3 C11442
Release 31 January 1994
Chart position #35 (NZ Top 40)


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Catalogue Number Country Of Release Publisher(s) Format
D11442 NZ Wildside / Festival CD
N 0249-3 EU Noise CD
C11442 NZ Wildside / Festival Tape


Tape repeats songs both sides

Track List

CD Single/Tape

  1. Stations
  2. Prayer
  3. Screwtop (Demo)
  4. Prayer (Spatial Remix)

Video Clip

The video clip for this single created a bit of a stir

New pop video an easter outrage

Clergyman is shocked that a kiwi music video which he claim makes a mockery of the bible is being
screened on television over easter.

Reverend Alex Barton, a dunedin presbyterian cleric, has clammed the video wellington band shihad
have produced for their new single.

Barton says the dramatic black and white clip makes a joke of the bible and christins by portraying
a gory crucifixion of jesus christ.

The video features a bloodied, christ like figure being nailed to the cross, and then dying a slow
and painful death.

Barton: "A video portraying scenes like that is not to be commended at all and i know a lot of
people will be upset by it. 

"it is done in very bad taste and it sounds like the band need to be more considerate of the
feelings of people that the bible is sacred and precious to.

"The timing of the video's release is disgraceful and has left a bad taste in my mouth."

Barton said christians are sick of musicians making fun of their beliefs to gain noteriety.

And he said if shihad had produced a video making a mockery of mslim beliefs they could have
received death threats like british author salman rushdie after producing his controversial book
the satanic verses.

Barton said "some musicians do things like this to test the limits of taste and these people are
way beyond the limit.

"Shihad are totally disrepectful and obviously made the video to gain extra notoriety and money.
They could also have made a video like that to make up for lack of talent.

"I have spoken to people in my congregation about this kind of thing and you can be assured they
won't be interested in seeing the video.

Jon toogood, shihad's lead singer says while the song stations is not based on religion he expected
some christians to be upset by the video.

He said "I spoke to josh frizzel the producer of the video at great length about the song's message
of spiritual freedom.

"this controversy is to be expected because when i first saw it i thought it was outrageous. I was
actually worried that people would think we were a religious band.

"This reverend doesn't know what we are up to and we aren't trying to take the piss out of

"This is the first bad comment i have heard about the video but it's pretty wild.