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Gig Tool

The gig tool is a Python script that will take a CSV file and produce some files to help populate the Shihad Gig Calendar and some files to help populate new gigs on the wiki faster.

When I say email me, email it to dave AT this domain.


Last Updated: 1 Jan 2011


Fill out gigs.csv with the gig details. You need to fill out date, venue, city, state (if country is Aussie) country and Event Start. The details of each column are outlined below. Also have a look at the included to see how it needs to be filled out.

You can open and edit CSV files in Open Office or Excel. They are just a spreadsheet.

Fill out the spreadsheet with the reverse chronological order the same order as the Gig page.

  • Date: The Date of the gig in YYYYMMDD formation with no spaces
  • Venue: The Name of the Venue
  • City: The City
  • State: Currently accepts Vic, Qld, NSW, ACT, SA, NT, WA, Tas. The case is important. If you need it to support any other states please email me.
  • Country: Currently accepts NZ and Au. The case is important. If you need it to support any other countries please email me.
  • Ticket Price: The price of a ticket. It is a string rather than a number so you can write anything in here if needed e.g. dual price tickets.
  • Ticket URL: Just one URL for the main ticket purchasing
  • Event Start: The time the event starts in HH24MMSS formation with not spaces. That is the HH24 means 24 hour clock.
  • Support Bands: The support bands
  • General URL: Just one URL that covers information for the gig or the link to the venue or something
  • Information: Write in any addition information you want to about the gig

Once you have filled out the CSV File please continue on below

Usage: Windows

  • Extract all the files in the zip file
  • Place the csv file you created above in the same directory
  • Double click wikiGenerator.exe
  • You should see some files created

Usage: Linux

  • Place the Python script and the csv in teh same directory
  • In a terminal navigate to the directory
  • run
    • python
  • You should see some files created

Output Files

  • Gig_YYYYMMDD.txt: There should be one of these created for each gig. This file contains the filled out template text for the individual gig pages
  • gigs.txt: This files contains the text to copy and paste on the big gig list page
  • gigs.ics: Email this to me and I will upload to the calendar. This is a iCal file that contains all the calendar information which I will import into the gig calendar


  • Assumes all gigs end at 23:59:59
  • Questions, comments, suggestions, problems, bugs, feature request, changes etc email me