Waiting Around For God (song)

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Name Waiting Around For God
Album/single Beautiful Machine
Length 5.13
Alternative titles
First live performance Gig 20080613
Recorded 2007
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer Matt Lovell

Additional Information

Song meaning as told by Jon: "It helps to feel okay when you get to put down words like this in a song. A hymn for nonbelievers." From The Edge radio station website


You been living your life
Getting what you're after
Knowing your not alone
If you cover your eyes
The world moves faster
We won't be here for long

And the lucky one's that make no sound
Until the cash machines start breaking down
While the lunatics are waiting round for god

Head in the sky 
The stars that you run round
Brightest before they fall
Bringing all our cities alight for the final meltdown
Its only natural

Its funny how we grow
No more no less we know