Yr Head Is A Rock (single)

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Cover Art
Name Yr Head Is A Rock
Tracks 5
Total length 19.34
Year 1996
Recorded York St Studios, Auckland
Writer/composer Shihad
Art work Cover = Carol Oddy

Sleeve Design = The 3 Omegas

Publisher Wildside Records, BMG
Format(s) CD Single
Catalogue number(s) HAD 082
Release 1996
Chart position #45 (RIANZ Peak)


Track 1 (Yr Head Is A Rock) was remixed by Evan Roberts and is the only Shihad song to appear on this single.

Track List

  1. Yr Head Is A Rock remix
  2. This Is Catch - Hell Is Other People
  3. Got The Ju - Weta
  4. Staring - Letterbox Lambs
  5. Spastic Colon (Slight Return) - Short