Anonymous (song)

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Name Anonymous
Album/single The Early Demos album
Length 3.56
Alternative titles
First live performance
Recorded Empire Warehouse Rehearsal, 1991/1992
Writer/composer Shihad
Producer Shihad


Oh god, I’m sick again
Can’t seem to break this ill
I get up and then I fall
And it’s so tempting
To break it down
Pack it up and take it all

Renting, breathing
Don’t suffer...
I’m told(?) baby, how are you
Here’s to the policies
I don’t own that I’d never take

I’m curled up on the floor
... were to make it take no more
Mind quickest inside ...own where
Truth comes running
Eagerness will pick you up and ruin it all

Renting, don’t
Don’t suffer ...
I’m, how are you
Here’s to the policies
I don’t know that I’d never take

Blood pulsing in and out of time
I’m reaching, hold on to your mind
What’s happened to our fun, yeah
Sorrow sky time but in this one(?)