The Early Demos (album)

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Cover art
Name The Early Demos
Tracks 17
Total length 1.25:45
Year 2004
Recorded CD 1: Tracks 1-6 - Empire Warehouse (approx 91/92), Tracks 7-10 - Venue unknown (late 80s)

CD 2: No recording or dates recorded

Writer/composer Shihad
Producer ??
Art work SQ (Shihad Forums)
Publisher None
Format(s) 2CD
Catalogue number(s) None
Release October 2004
Chart position None


This was a release that surfaced through-out the Shihad community in late 2004.

It is to our knowledge that all these tracks got taken from cassette tapes then converted to MP3.

Track List

CD 1

Empire Warehouse Rehearsal (Approx 91/92)

  1. Churn Download MP3
  2. Anonymous Download MP3
  3. Push Away Download MP3
  4. Feet First Download MP3
  5. Fear Of Falling Apart Download MP3
  6. Screwtop Download MP3
    Dead And Buried Demo 1988
  7. Dead And Buried Download MP3
  8. It Download MP3
  9. Tengu Download MP3
    Dogs Are Talking 1990
  10. Down Dance Download MP3

CD 2

Devolve (The Original Mix)

  1. Down Dance Download MP3
  2. It Download MP3
  3. Wizard Download MP3
  4. Subject Matters Download MP3
    Live Tracks
  5. Dead And Buried Download MP3
  6. Family Reunion Download MP3
  7. It Download MP3

Front Cover (Download) Back Cover (Download)


This is not for resale or re-release in any way or form. Please do not download if you don't own any of the bands CDs.